I used to hate running.


No really, I used to hate it. When it came to athletics, I lied or yelled my way out of it. I was the girl in gym class who perpetually had a period, like, three times a month (I “hurt” too much to run, and I definitely was not going in the pool). In my adult life, I used to tell people, “If you see my running, it’s because someone is chasing me!” or “If I have to run for my life, I might as well just die.”

After I had the baby, I realized that the fifty-three lbs I gained would permanently set up camp on my tiny, 5′ frame if I didn’t do anything about it. Tried the elliptical; bored as all hell. Tried the stationary bike; also bored as all hell. Then, my mom signed me up to do the Youngstown Color Run with her.

Still didn’t like running, even after that.

So, about four months went by, and I thought, “I’m going to try this running thing one more time.” I hopped on the treadmill at the gym, ran four miles, and when I stepped off of it…I felt like I was walking on air. It was, without a doubt, my first “runner’s high.”

Two days later, I registered for the Belle Isle Spring Into Nature 5K. I bought the Britax BOB Ironman Stroller and put my little one, not even a year, in the race with me. We finished in 36:00 minutes, a time I thought was super quick.  I continued running 3-4 miles, thinking, “This is great!” But when I realized I wasn’t pushing myself anymore, I got bored…

…enter the Akron Half Marathon in 2015. One trip to urgent care and one trip to another doctor during my training, but on that race day, I ran my heart out and I finished the race in 2:15:38. I was shocked at my time, and so was my hamstring, as I tore it. I was out for four months, and it was the hardest four months of my life. Yes, pregnancy was easier than having to stay off of running for four months. Dead serious.

After six weeks of physical therapy and strength training (the latter half of those four months), I slowly eased back into running. I completed the Pittsburgh Half Marathon and several other races since then, and I’ve recently registered for Akron again.

The running community is like no other. It’s almost like this endurance athlete fraternity. We support each other; we are there for each other – we are automatically “friends” even though we may have never met.

I’m glad you’re here. I’m Courtney, and I support your on your journey. Enjoy spending some time in my (running) shoes.